How to Change the Oil on a Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mower

Regular oil changes are critical to keeping your riding lawn mower's engine in top shape and prolonging the life of your mower. Watch this video to learn how to change the oil in a Cub Cadet zero-turn riding lawn mower using either the drain plug method or the siphon pump. Depending on your mower model, the instructions in this video tutorial may vary slightly from the directions in your operator's manual. Always refer to your operator's manual for comprehensive instructions on changing lawn mower oil before getting started.

Length of clip: 3:40


Instructions for changing lawn mower oil:

Step 1: Prepare your zero-turn riding lawn mower for maintenance

Make sure your lawn mower is on a flat surface. Turn off the mower and wait until the engine is cool. Take out they ignition key and then disconnect the spark plug ignition wires. Engage the parking brake to ensure the mower stays in place during maintenance.

Step 2: Clean the oil fill and remove the dip stick

Clean any debris around the oil fill and drain. Remove the dip stick from the oil fill tube.

Step 3: Drain the oil using the siphon pump

Using the siphon pump, place the top tube into the dip stick hole and the bottom tube into the oil pan. You can drain the oil into a recyclable bottle or an empty oil container, which will make clean-up and recycling easier. Pump the handle three to four times to prime the siphon pump. When the liquid begins to flow, it will continue to flow without additional pumping.

Step 4: Add new oil

Remove the pump and add new oil as instructed in your riding lawn mower operator's manual.

Step 5: Attach the drain hose

To change the oil using the drain plug method, place a catch basin or empty container under the drain hose. Then, snap the drain hose onto the opening and position it over the basin.

Step 6: Drain the oil using the drain plug

Remove the drain plug to empty the old oil into the catch basin or container.

Step 7: Add new oil

Replace the drain plug and remove the drain hose. Add new oil as instructed in your zero-turn riding lawn mower operator's manual.

Step 8: Replace the dip stick and check oil levels

Once you add new oil to your mower, replace the mower's dip stick. After waiting a few minutes, use the dip stick to inspect the oil level.

Step 9: Replace oil filter

Clean any debris from the oil filter before removing it. After removing the old filter, lubricate the gasket of the new filter using oil, and then install the new filter.

Step 10: Dispose of oil and get ready to mow

Re-attach the spark plug ignition wire. Then, dispose of the old mower oil properly. Before you begin mowing, disengage the parking brake and run the mower in a well-ventilated areas to circulate the new oil through the engine. If you would like to perform other routine maintenance after changing the oil, check out additional riding mower maintenance tips from Cub Cadet..