How to Replace the Air Filter on a Cub Cadet Walk-Behind Mower

Learn some basic walk-behind mower maintenance tips and to change your Cub Cadet air filter.

The health and longevity of your walk-behind mower is dependent on the care and maintenance you give it. Changing the lawn mower air filter on a regular basis will ensure that your mower runs more efficiently, keeping dust and debris out of the engine. At a minimum, it is recommended that you change the filter once a year. However, you may need to replace your Cub Cadet air filter more often depending on how often the walk-behind mower is used and in what conditions. Mowing over dry, dusty lawns in the summer and leaves in the fall can clog your air filter more quickly, so make sure you check and replace it regularly if you often work in these conditions.

Follow along with this video and learn how to replace the Cub Cadet air filter on your walk-behind mower. The instructions for lawn mower filter replacement may vary slightly depending on the model of walk-behind mower you own. Always be sure to check your operator's manual for detailed instructions.


Length of clip: 1:01


Step 1: To ensure your safety through the lawn mower air filter replacement, be sure to disconnect the spark plug ignition wire before you begin. Remove the cover of the air filter casing on your walk-behind mower by unscrewing the bolt.


Step 2: Separate the air filter casing cover from the air cleaner body.


Step 3: Remove the Cub Cadet air filter from the walk-behind mower.


Step 4: Insert the new air filter into the base of the casing and return the lid.


Step 5: Slide the air cleaner lid into the air cleaner body and refasten the bolt until it is securely attached.


Step 6: Now that you have finished the lawn mower air filter replacement, you can reattach the spark plug ignition wire.


Please note, before you begin you will need a replacement filter for your walk-behind mower. Some lawn mowers may have a pre-filter you can simply wash and reuse, extending the time between air filter replacement. Your operator's manual will instruct you on the correct Cub Cadet air filter to buy. Now, with these easy-to-follow instructions from Cub Cadet, you can change your lawn mower air filter like a pro.