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Our innovative products set us apart. From robotic greens mowers to all-electric pitch mowers, explore how Cub Cadet is setting the standard for innovation that delivers.

Golf & Sports Turf Applications

Cub Cadet’s turf-specific solutions improve overall health, playability, and aesthetics while providing reduced operational and labor costs.


Outstanding planning, architecture, and groundskeeping is the difference between an average course and a legendary one. Our precision equipment is designed to efficiently control, shape, and perfect playing surfaces, while maintaining the architect’s original vision. 

Red flag in a hole on a golf course


Grass health hinges on the accuracy of the cut. The INFINICUT FX is equipped with a dynamic return floating head chassis to ensure consistency, which eliminates scuffing and turf damage on uneven terrain. 

Man mowing soccer stadium with Infinicut commercial mower


The most prestigious courts in the world rely on the lithium-powered Infinicut for unmatched cut quality, superior striping, and consistent turf health. 

Beautifully mowed tennis court with net


Through the entire season and double-header homestands, we help groundskeepers improve field aesthetics and maintain consistent results by using safer and smarter technology.

Baseball diamond with crosscut pattern on the field

Explore Golf & Sports Turf Products


Robotic Greens Mower

Efficient, consistent, and fully robotic. Increase your productivity while the RG3 meticulously maintains your grounds.


Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower

Flexibility is the secret weapon for pristine, healthy turf. The INFINICUT tailors every cut, every time, under every condition.


Precision Shaping for Golf Course Greens

Manual mowing practices can compromise your course. TRUEDGE technology is built on accuracy, allowing you to maintain the exact shape of your greens.

TM System

Cassettes for Customized Turf Care

Unlock the full potential of your greens mowers with the TM System featuring 10 interchangeable SMART cassettes. Every professional turf application is contained in one advanced system.

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We don't chase innovation for innovation's sake. We pursue technological breakthroughs in order to unlock the possibilities of your outdoor world.