How to Change the Blade on a Cub Cadet Walk-Behind Mower

Learn how to safely change the blade on your Cub Cadet walk-behind mower. Sharpening or changing your mower blade is a relatively simple repair that should be done at least once a year or whenever the blade is dull. However, if your mower blade is damaged or off-balance after hitting a rock or bump, you may need to send your Cub Cadet lawn mower to a local service dealer center to be professionally adjusted. For less involved maintenance, use this video to learn how to change your lawn mower blades step-by-step. As you prepare to make lawn mower repairs, check your operator's manual for instructions specific to your model, as they may change slightly.


Length of clip: 01:40


Step 1 - Disconnect the spark plug ignition wire

Turn the mower off, make sure the engine is cool, remove the key and disconnect the wire to avoid accidental starts during lawn mower repairs.


Step 2 - Remove the gasoline from your lawn mower

You'll need to place your walk-behind lawn mower on its side to access the lawn mower blade. Before you do so, it's important to remove the gasoline and oil to avoid it spilling in your garage. You can either run the mower until it's empty or use a siphon pump to remove the gas and oil before you do repairs.

  • Place the top port of the pump into the gas tank on the engine and the bottom port into an appropriate container to recycle the old gas.
  • Pump the handle three to four times to prime it. Once the liquid begins to flow, it will flow without further pumping.
  • Once the fuel tank is empty, remove the siphon pump.

Clean the pump and repeat these steps with the oil. If the fuel is fresh you can add it back to the tanks after you have replaced the mower blade.


Step 3 - Turn the mower on its side

You will need to turn your walk-behind lawn mower on its side to access the lawn mower blade. When you do, make sure the air filter is facing up so that no residual oil or gas leaks in and contaminates it.


Step 4 - Attach the blade removal tool

Make sure you wear gloves for protection and secure the lawn mower blade using a blade removal tool.


Step 5 - Change the lawn mower blade
Remove the blade retaining bolt and then remove the mower blade. Depending on the wear and tear, either sharpen the existing or replace it with a new lawn mower blade if it is warped or damaged. Secure the new or sharpened blade with the blade removal tool and tighten the blade retaining bolt to the torque indicated in your operator's manual.


Step 6 - Right the mower and get ready to go

Tip the mower back onto its wheels, reattach the spark plug ignition wire, refuel and you're ready to mow.


By following this simple guide, and the video above, you should have no problem removing and changing the blade on your Cub Cadet walk-behind mower. When performing any Cub Cadet maintenance, always refer to the instructions in your operator's manual and only use manufacturer-approved replacement parts.