How to Change the Air Filter on a Cub Cadet Rider

This video will show you how to replace the air filter on this Cub Cadet riding mower.  Depending on your model, the instructions in this video may vary slightly.  Always be sure to check your operator's manual for detailed instructions.


Length of clip: 1:40


Step 1: Place your mower on a flat, level surface. Turn the mower off and make sure the engine is cool. Remove the ignition key and disconnect the spark plug ignition wire.  Then, engage the parking brake.


Step 2: Remove the air cleaner cover from the top of the engine.


Step 3: Wash the foam element in mild detergent and water and allow it to dry completely.

Note: Never use gasoline or low flash-point solvents for cleaning the air cleaner elements.


Step 4: Apply a few drops of clean engine oil and squeeze out all excess oil.


Step 5: Replace the foam and paper elements.


Step 6: Reattach the assembled air filter.


Step 7: Replace the air cleaner cover and secure it with the wing nut.


Step 8: Reconnect the spark plug ignition wire.