How to Change the Blade on your Cub Cadet Riding Mower

These instructions will explain how to replace Cub Cadet riding mower blades. Over time, the blades on your riding lawn mower can become worn out, bent or dinged. This gradual damage can reduce the effectiveness of your mower, so be sure to sharpen or replace the blades if you notice these signs of wear. How often you visually check the blades depends on how regularly the mower is used. Check the blades at least twice a year, at the beginning and middle of the mowing season, or more often if you mow year-round. Depending on your model, the instructions listed below may vary slightly. Always be sure to check your operator's manual for detailed instructions.


Step 1 - Prepare the mower for maintenance

  • Place your mower on a flat, level surface.
  • Turn the engine off and remove the ignition key.
  • Disconnect the spark plug ignition wire.
  • Engage the parking brake. Be sure the PTO lever is disengaged.

Step 2 - Remove the mower deck

  • Place the deck height lever in its lowest position.
  • Disengage the J hook on the right side of the lawn mower deck by pulling it outward. Repeat on the left side of the deck.
  • Place the deck height lever in its highest position.
  • Pull the cotter pin from the stabilizer rod and slide the stabilizer out of the hanger bracket.
  • Remove the self-tapping screw securing the belt keeper around the engine pulley. Carefully remove the belt keeper from the engine pulley.
  • Remove the belt from the PTO pulley.
  • Remove the bow tie clip and release the PTO cable from the hanger bracket. Remove the tension spring from the idler arm.
  • Turn the front wheels to left and slide the deck out from under the mower on the right side.

Step 3 - Replace the riding lawn mower blades

  • Turn the deck over to expose the blades.
  • Wearing gloves for protection, use the Universal Blade Removal Tool to secure the blades.
  • Remove the bolt that secures the blades to the spindle.
  • Fit the new blades on the engine spindle and tighten the bolts to the torque as indicated in your operator's manual.
  • Remove the Universal Blade Removal Tool.
  • Reassemble the blade apparatus by following the previous directions in reverse order.

Step 4 - Reattach the lawn mower deck

  • Return the deck to its upright position and slide it back under the mower from the right side.
  • Attach the tension spring to the ilder arm and the PTO cable to the hanger bracket. Insert the bow tie clip.
  • Route the belt onto the PTO pulley.
  • Attach the belt keeper and insert self-tapping screws securing it around the engine pulley.
  • Put the stabilizer rod in the hanger bracket and insert the cotter pin.
  • Put the deck height lever in its lowest position.
  • Insert the J hook on the right side of the deck to re-engage.
  • Repeat on the left side of the deck.

Step 5 - Verify normal operation

  • Reconnect the spark plug ignition wire. Start the mower and engage the mower deck. Check for signs that could indicate an improperly attached mower blade, including severe vibrations or noise.

Keep your Cub Cadet riding mower running safely and reliably by following the scheduled maintenance guide and instructions on how to change a lawn mower blade outlined in your operator's manual. And when performing riding mower maintenance or repairs, only use official Cub Cadet parts on your mower to ensure an exact fit and optimal operation.