The Benefits of IntelliPower™ Technology & Electronic Fuel Injection for Snow Blowers

Cub Cadet® snow blowers are engineered for extreme. The 2X® 30 EFI with IntelliPower™ combines two technologies — IntelliPower and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) — to give you a powerful combination and help handle whatever winter has to offer.

What is IntelliPower?

IntelliPower technology is designed to improve the efficiency of the engine and allow for more power when the snow blower encounters deep or heavy, wet snow patches. When it does, the unit can plow through these tough areas while delivering consistent power. 

Snow blowers with IntelliPower technology have digital throttle controls that work to optimize the engine’s output. Various electronic inputs monitor engine speed and temperature and allow an on-board computer to digitally control the throttle position to help maintain engine speed . 

IntelliPower technology is equipped on multiple Cub Cadet snow blowers, while the 2X30 EFI is the only model to combine the two technologies.


What is Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)?

If you own a car made in the 90s or later, then you might already be familiar with electronic fuel injection. EFI technology replaced carburetors found in older cars, which helped reduce the chance of gasoline deterioration that can tax the machine’s efficiency. Instead, the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders is controlled electronically by a computer rather than a carburetor. 

EFI adapts to your environment and outside temperature to help optimize fuel flow, helping to give you a reliable, consistent start time after time, even when facing the extremes of winter.  


What does the combination of IntelliPower™ and EFI mean for me?

Consistent power plus reliable starting is a winning combination to take on the extremes of winter so you can focus more on quickly clearing snow and worry less about your machine. 

EFI helps with dependable starting even in extreme conditions. You don’t need to choke or prime the engine. It also helps to simplify offseason storage by eliminating the need to drain the fuel tank when not in use.

With IntelliPower, the 357cc engine on the 2X 30 EFI offers up to 12% more available power, resulting in less bogging down when clearing heavy, wet and deep snow.* This extra power helps provide reliable, consistent performance with less stops and bogging down when tackling heavy snowfalls. 

*When compared to the same engine without IntelliPower technology. Improvements vary depending on engine models and specific operating conditions.

Tackle tough winter weather with the powerful combination of the 2X 30” with EFI and IntelliPower™. Once you’re ready, you can use our product finder to find the ideal snow blower engineered for your extreme.