Troubleshooting Auger or Drive Loss on a Two-Stage Snow Blower

If you experience the loss of auger or drive control, it may be necessary to perform one or a combination of the tasks listed here:


Step 1

Inspect and perform the cable adjustments listed in the Final Adjustments section of the snow thrower Assembly section of your Operator's manual.  Cables do stretch over time.  Performing these adjustments will tighten any slack that may have occurred due to stretching.

Step 2

It may be necessary to inspect and possibly replace one or both belts.  These belts operate the drive systems for the wheels and the auger.

Step 3

If the belt(s) seem fine and engine runs, but the augers have lost half or full operation, broken shear bolt(s) is/are likely the failure.  Inspect the shear bolts and replace as needed.  Shear bolts are located along the main auger shaft in the center of each auger spiral.  Refer to the illustrated parts list for specific locations and replacement part numbers of these shear bolts.

Step 4

For loss of wheel drive, begin with inspection and replacement of the rubber friction wheel (as needed).  This friction wheel rubber is considered a normal service wear item and should be replaced when the thickness of the exposed rubber wears to approximately 1/8 inch.  This is a drive component essentially responsible for transferring power from the belts to the drive wheels.  Operating the unit with worn-out friction rubber may result in damage to the drive system.  Check this friction rubber regularly for wear.  Consult the Operator's Manual for more information on friction wheel maintenance.


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