Are lithium ion batteries better than lead acid?

Not all batteries are created equal, and Cub Cadet® chose to engineer its battery-powered equipment with lithium-ion batteries because they provide several key advantages over their lead acid counterparts. 

The biggest advantage is that lithium-ion batteries provide consistent power throughout the life of the charge, without power fade, so when it comes to cutting grass the first blade swipe is the same as the last to deliver a premium cut every time. Lithium-ion batteries deliver the same amount of power, regardless of how much battery life is left. Lead acid batteries start to fade as the cell’s energy dwindles, continuing to slow down until your machine comes to a crawling stop. Lithium-ion batteries consistent, reliable performance, maximizing every minute of energy at your disposal to finish the job. 

The lack of a charge memory is another key advantage of lithium-ion batteries. This means partial charges do not damage the battery. With a lead acid battery, a partial charge will begin to eat away at the battery output, decreasing its effectiveness during future uses. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, allow you to partially charge without fear of damaging it during those instances when you might need a little bit more power to finish the job. 

Lithium-ion batteries also are generally lighter and last longer when compared to an equivalent lead acid counterpart. 

Using lithium-ion batteries in every tool is just one way Cub Cadet aims to bring you the latest technology and deliver more power for your world.