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man cutting his grass with an electric riding lawn mower
Power up in a brand-new way.
When we designed our line of Cub Cadet battery-powered electric mowers, we didn't compromise on power, consistency or convenience. With a quieter operation for less disruption, you can enjoy your mowing experience more.
Innovation without compromise.
Discover what went into the design and development of the all-new CC30 e and LT42 e riders that will change the way you mow.

Electric Riders Coming Soon!

The Cub Cadet series of electric mowers gives you the performance you expect from a gas-powered mower, only everything’s electric. Coming soon to Canada. 

A battery that lets you take charge.

Select models feature lithium-ion batteries that give you extended runtime with a 4-hour charge, flexible and rapid rechardging capabilities, and no power fades. 

Low maintenance.

Our electric riders minimize maintenance with no oil, clutch, throttle, belts or gears, for a hassle-free, easy-to-use mowing experience.

Uncompromised performance.

The Cub Cadet electric riders feature advanced cutting systems engineered to deliver a superior cut without a power fade.

zero gas electric feature
Zero gas.

Our electric riders eliminate the hassle of gas by not needing any. So there's no more spills to clean up and more money saved.

zero emissions electric clean
Zero-Emissions Vehicle.

No exhaust, carbon monoxide or unburned hydrocarbons from the on-board source of power for a cleaner, zero-emission ride.

Powerful versatility.

Get even more done with attachments that help you tackle mulching and bagging. 

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$ 3,899.00
  • 22 HP 725cc professional-grade KOHLER 7000 Series V-twin OHV engine for reliable starting and exceptionally smooth, quiet operation
  • Ideal for mowing slight rolling hills and several obstacles up to 2 acres
  • Equipped with an open frame design and hinged/removable floor pan, allowing quick and easy access to the deck and engine for ease of maintenance
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