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Simplify your lawn care routine.
The benefits of electric equipment extends beyond mowing your yard. More flexibility, less time servicing and fewer trips to the gas station frees up time to enjoy the lawn you love.

Electric Lawn Mowers

The benefits of electric equipment extend far beyond cutting time. More flexibility, less time servicing and fewer hassles give you freedom in the rest of your life like never before.

Powerful Performance

Our line up of electric riders is powered by lithium-ion batteries that deliver extended runtimes, a fast 4-hour recharge and no power fade.

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Cuts Grass Like Gas

Egineered and tested to deliver the same results as our industry-leading gas models, our lithium-ion powered riding mowers will provide you with premium cut quality you expect from Cub Cadet without power fade.

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Low Maintenance

Riders with no gas, oil, air filters, spark plugs, pulleys or belts means less maintenance and more barbecues, handstands, and whatever else you love to do.

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100% Electric. 0% Compromise.

Our electric lineup meets the same rigorous standards for performance, power and durability you'll find in any Cub Cadet equipment, and is backed by a strong 4-year battery and 3-year machine warranty.

man riding electric zero turn
Quieter Than Gas

Up to 64% quieter during operation than gas means you can cut at dawn or dusk without disturbing the neighborhood.

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Zero Emissions While In Use

No exhaust, carbon monoxide or unburned hydrocarbons from the on-board source of power for a cleaner, zero-emission ride while in use.

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Electric Mower FAQs

Does this mower have the same power for cutting high thick grass as the gas-powered equivalent?

Cub Cadet’s lithium-ion battery powered lawn mowers are engineered to perform to the same standards as their gas-powered counterparts. You can expect the same unmatched strength and durability along with the peace of mind that comes with all our Cub Cadet products. Additionally, our lithium-ion lawn mowers will also not experience power fade as the battery depletes, maintaining a superior cut quality throughout operation.

Is the cut quality the same as gas engines?

All of our lithium-ion battery powered lawn mowers are being engineered to the same specifications as their gas counterparts. Our electric mowers have to pass the same cut quality tests, and we apply our experience in gas to ensure that our electric equipment delivers the same premium cut you’ve come to expect from Cub Cadet.

Can Cub Cadet’s lithium-ion battery powered lawn mowers be used in the rain or wet conditions?

Cub Cadet’s lithium-ion powered mowers are engineered to handle cutting in damp or moist grass conditions. Like other outdoor power equipment, the mower should not be operated in the rain, taken through heavily saturated areas or stored outside.

Will the electric riders work on sloped terrain/hills?

Our lithium-ion powered mowers have the same restrictions as their gas counterparts when it comes to uneven terrain and hills. Please refer to each unit’s operator’s manual for specific guidelines.

Can I charge the battery from a regular 110V outlet?

Yes. Cub Cadet’s lithium-ion battery powered equipment can be charged using a standard 110V electrical outlet. The charger uses an electrical input of 720W, 6A at 120V. You should never connect the charger to an AC voltage that differs from 100-240V.

How does a bagger impact run time?

Run time will vary depending on the product. Using a bagger with our 60 Volt Max walk behind push mower does not impact run time. As for our riders, it’s recommended that you an Xtream blade on the ZT42E zero-turn and LT42E Enduro lawn tractor to get the best results and could impact run time. The CC30E may experience lower run times when bagging.

What is the run time of the battery?

The run time of the battery varies by mower:

  • Our ZT1 42E zero-turn mower has a run time of up to 2 acres on a single charge without power fade.
  • The Cub Cadet LT42E lawn tractor runs for up to 1.5 hours, or up to 2 acres, on a single charge without power fade.
  • The CC30E riding mower runs up to 1 hour, or up to 1 acre, on a single charge without power fade.
  • The 60 Volt Max walk behind push mower runs up to 50 minutes or ½ acre on a single charge without power fade.


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