RG3: Fully Robotic Greens Mower
Technology to Meet Today’s Needs.
The RG3, with its patented robotic technology and industry-proven cutting reel, produces the most consistent playing surface possible by combining mowing and rolling in a single pass. RG3 is the ultimate solution for improving the overall quality of your greens and your bottom line.

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Fully Robotic Greens Mower

Fewer Labor Hours

Combining mowing and rolling into one pass makes golf course maintenance much more efficient during critical course prep hours. Plus, it’s autonomous operation reduces foot traffic wear.

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Consistent Playing Surfaces

Precision control and smooth turns result in reliably uniform cuts. The RG3 cuts exactly the same every time, which eliminates scalping and maintains original green design.  

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Quieter Operation

Because the RG3 relies on battery power, there’s no need for gas or hydraulic oil. Plus, noise is reduced which means mowing can happen any time - day or night.  

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RG3 Features.

Technology for today’s needs.

The all-in-one robotic greens mower that’s changing the course of the game.


Turf-focused technology.

Multi-roller chassis rolls the green as it mows for a smooth playing surface. Gentle turns minimize turf bruising, while a built-in traction control feature reduces drum slipping on steep inclines. Pivoting frame and floating cutting unit allow for full range of motion to follow every contour.

Reallocate labor.

The RG3 eliminates the need for an operator with advanced onboard diagnostics and the ability to see in the dark. Maintenance staff is free to perform other tasks like trimming and details work, relying on the RG3 to move precisely and safely across the green.

Remote diagnostics.

Work more and worry less with superior support from Cub Cadet. Diagnostics allow for remote connection to individual units, downloadable reports, and rapid delivery of any replacement parts.

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Improve Your Greens and Your Bottom Line.
Increased productivity, enhanced ROI, and meticulously maintained grounds—all in one robotic package.
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