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Transform your triplex greens mower.
Cub Cadet’s TM System allows turf care professionals to tailor applications with 10 interchangeable cassettes.


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Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower

Precise Operator Adjustments

When precision is applied to turf care, it results in a consistently pristine playing surface. Adjustable bedknife and reel speed give complete control over the cut, both in length and severity. 

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Healthier Turf

Grass health hinges on the accuracy of the cut. The INFINICUT FX is equipped with a dynamic return floating head chassis to ensure consistency, which eliminates scuffing and turf damage on uneven terrain. 

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Value and Versatility

The INFINICUT is fully compatible with our INFINISET system, giving you access to 10 interchangeable turf applications. Swap out the reel for task-specific cassette options like aerating or de-thatching—any job needed on any given day. 

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TM System Features.

One advanced system. Ten different functions.

Unlock the full potential of your greens mower.


Ten smart cassettes.

Whether it’s topdressing, dethatching, aerating, or a host of other turf management practices, there’s an interchangeable cassette to meet the needs of the day.

Mainstream mower compatible.

Using the appropriate chassis adaptor kit, the TM System is fully compatible with mainstream greens mowers.

Designed for ease.

Quickly and easily switch out cassettes by loosening four bolts on the chassis. Changeover takes less than ten seconds.

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TM System Smart Cassette
TM System Smart Cassette
TM System Smart Cassette
TM System Smart Cassette
TM System Smart Cassette
TM System Smart Cassette
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Complete turf maintenance system.
Say hello to the most versatile tool in your arsenal. The TM System has a cassette to tackle any turf need.
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