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Incredible strength and comfort from the ground up.

The XT2 Enduro Series is setting a stronger industry standard and come fully loaded with strength from the very start. Ideally equipped for mowing and hauling and equipped to support various attachments, the XT2 gives you the strength, comfort and versatility for the ultimate lawn care experience.


Less Slip, More Grip.

Every XT2 tractor comes standard with premium Multi Trac tires featuring an aggressive tread design that directs the power straight to the ground, minimizing slip and spinning, even on wet grass. That means less turfing, more precise maneuvering and better results.

Exceptional Corrosion Protection

Only Cub Cadet offers the protection of the Corrosion Defense System with E-Coat. A multi-step process electronically applies automotive-grade corrosion resistance with meticulous care to protect against wear and tear.

Advanced Cutting Performance

A new muscular cutting system features stamped and fabricated cutting deck options built with heavy duty materials and an advanced belt design, ensuring durability and reliability while delivering the pristine Cub Cadet Signature Cut. and an unprecedented level of bagging performance.


All accessories are built for compatibility with specific models.

All-Season Protection Universal Tractor Cover

All-Season Protection Universal Tractor Cover

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42 lbs. Rear Suit Case Weight for 490-900-M060

42 lbs. Rear Suit Case Weight

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Rear-mounted weight kit with brackets, total approx. weight 60 lbs

Rear-mounted weight kit with brackets

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Cub Cadet Hauler, 10 Cu. Ft.

Cub Cadet Hauler, 10 Cu. Ft.

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