Proud partner of the Toronto Argonauts.
With a mixture of real grass and 5% artificial turf, the INFINICUT keeps the Argonauts’ field game ready!
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Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower

Precise Operator Adjustments

When precision is applied to turf care, it results in a consistently pristine playing surface. Adjustable bedknife and reel speed give complete control over the cut, both in length and severity. 

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Healthier Turf

Grass health hinges on the accuracy of the cut. The INFINICUT FX is equipped with a dynamic return floating head chassis to ensure consistency, which eliminates scuffing and turf damage on uneven terrain. 

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Value and Versatility

The INFINICUT is fully compatible with our INFINISET system, giving you access to 10 interchangeable turf applications. Swap out the reel for task-specific cassette options like aerating or de-thatching—any job needed on any given day. 

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Same Flexibility. Lighter Package.

Revolutionizing flat playing surfaces.


Customized Setup.

From endlessly adjustable speed and clip rate settings to a huge variety of INFINISET cassettes, it’s easy to target turf needs under changing conditions.

All-Electric Operation.

The unit’s lithium battery reduces noise and vibration while reducing fuel costs, which means a safer, greener, more comfortable mowing experience. Easily converts to gas if preferred with just 4 bolts

Smart Engineering.

With a central pivot point, the unit maintains even and low ground pressure during use. The unique rear traction roller ensures a reliable, precise cut every time.

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Infinicut SM 34 Quickview
Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
  • Mow grass in the traditional sense or as a standalone vacuum. The unit is designed for professional users who need the quality of a rotary cut with the striping effect of a professional walk-behind mower.
  • In battery mode, the INFINICUT SM is quieter in operation, environmentally friendly, and can provide significant fuel cost savings when compared to other rotary mowers.
  • Our blades are crafted from premium-grade, high carbon steel for better performance and extended blade life. Blades are austempered for optimal durability and rigorously tested for safety, quality, and efficiency.
Infinicut 26 Quickview
Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
Infinicut 22 Quickview
Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
Infinicut 34 Quickview
Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower
Infinicut 30 Quickview
Professional Walk-Behind Reel Mower

Introducing a New Fixed Head Option

INFINICUT is trusted on the world’s most elite playing surfaces for its consistency and flexibility. Now available in more options to suit every variation of turf. Engineered for flat surfaces, the new fixed head provides the same cut quality without sacrificing precision, all at an unmatched value.

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Turf Conditions Change Every Day.
But your mower hasn't changed in forty years. It's time to switch to industry-leading equipment and transform your turf through targeted care.
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